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SuperVision Earth Propels Forward with CASSINI Business Accelerator

Jibin Raju

5 Jun 2024

SuperVision Earth is thrilled to announce its selection for the prestigious CASSINI Business Accelerator, a renowned program dedicated to propelling Europe's most promising space-related startups. This selection marks a significant milestone for SuperVision Earth, affirming its innovative contributions to satellite and drone-based monitoring of pipelines.

A top-tier accelerator platform

The CASSINI Business Accelerator, part of the European Commission’s CASSINI initiative, supports startups with high-growth potential in the space sector. SuperVision Earth will benefit from tailored mentorship, access to a vast network of industry experts, and opportunities for strategic partnerships, all designed to accelerate the company's growth and impact.

“We are honored to be part of the CASSINI Business Accelerator,” said Karsten Wiertz, CEO of SuperVision Earth. “This opportunity aligns perfectly with our vision to revolutionize the way pipelines are monitored, ensuring safety and efficiency through cutting-edge technology. The resources and guidance provided by the CASSINI Business Accelerator will undoubtedly enhance our capabilities and expand our reach.”

SuperVision Earth’s participation in the accelerator will focus on advancing its unique selling proposition of long-distance drone capabilities and leveraging satellite technology for near real-time data collection and analysis. These innovations are set to transform pipeline monitoring, providing unprecedented insights and preventive measures for the industry.

Advancements for SuperVision Earth

As part of the program, SuperVision Earth will engage in intensive workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, and networking events with potential investors and partners. The accelerator will culminate in a Demo Day, where SuperVision Earth will showcase its advancements and pitch to an audience of industry leaders and investors.

The proud Founders of SuperVision Earth during the CASSINI Entrepreneurship Days on June 4, 2024 in Prague

The selection for the CASSINI Business Accelerator is a testament to SuperVision Earth’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the space sector. The company looks forward to leveraging this opportunity to drive growth, enhance its technological solutions, and contribute to the safety and efficiency of pipeline monitoring globally.

Stay tuned for more updates on SuperVision Earth’s journey. For more information about our products and services, visit

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