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SuperVision Pipeline

Revolutionizing pipeline monitoring through innovative technology, ensuring safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Our comprehensive system combines satellite imagery and drone technology to offer real-time insights, enabling you to proactively manage pipeline security and integrity.

Supervision Pipeline Monitoring Screen - laptop

How It works

Our system combines real-time satellite images and, optionally, high-resolution drone surveillance. This data is then processed using advanced AI algorithms to detect anomalies and potential hazards.

Key Features

High-resolution Drone Surveillance

Drones can capture detailed imagery of specific areas, enhancing the overall monitoring accuracy.

Advanced AI Analytics

Proprietary AI & machine learning model analyses satellite imagery and recognises potential threats.


Monitoring experts of our clients receive the threat warning in web app and can analyse it properly.

Interactive GIS Display

The Geographic Information System (GIS) display provides a user-friendly visual representation of your pipeline network.

How You

Optimal Monitoring Coverage

By combining satellite imagery and drone surveillance, our system provides comprehensive coverage of your pipeline network, leaving no blind spots.

Want to know more?

"With SuperVision Earth we have taken the first step towards digital/satellite monitoring of our pipeline infrastructure. Using high resolution satellite data, SuperVision has reliably monitored construction works, showing the potential for a regular monitoring solution."

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