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SuperVision EUDR

Deforestation monitoring
for EUDR compliance

Trace sourced commodities to their exact geolocation and receive deforestation Risk Analysis for each of your suppliers. All automated using AI-enabled satellite intelligence on a user-friendly platform.


High Accuracy

Benefit from the latest & most accurate remote-sensing technology for deforestation changes.


Detailed Monitoring

Monitor any possible changes in your supply chain considering deforestation and degradation.


Supplier Risk Analysis

Receive a comprehensive report of your suppliers to guarantee compliance with the regulations.

How can we help you comply?

1) Order Demo

On our SVX platform, you can simply view our Demo app, create your own order, locate your favorable site and add notes to your specific needs.

2) Expert Contact

Our Experts will contact you shortly for finalizing the required needs of your company.

3) Receive Report

You’ll then receive your EUDR Report of the provided areas of lands along with the risk assessment and compliance data of each supplier.

4) Follow-up and insights

You receive regular updates and become informed of any later alterations that require actions to be taken.

Key Features

Advanced AI Analytics

Exclusive GPT Assistant

Detailed Reporting

Supplier Risk Analysis

More from our Blog


  • What is the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR)?
    In compliance with the EUDR, every operator or trader placing commodities such as soy, beef, palm oil, wood, cocoa, coffee, and rubber into the EU market or exporting from it must demonstrate that these products are not sourced from recently deforested areas or involved in forest degradation.
  • What are the due diligence requirements under the EUDR?
    Operators under the EUDR must implement a due diligence system, verifying that commodities or products procured are free from deforestation and comply with the legal standards of the production country. It is mandatory for operators to conduct risk assessments, mitigate significant risks, and provide a public report on their due diligence.
  • How Does the SuperVision’s solution help companies to comply with EUDR?
    With SuperVision’s solution to EUDR, you can easily monitor your supplier network, receive important information on the Risk assessment management and EUDR compliance by the leverage of remote-sensing reliable and secure Information.
  • What are the advantages of SuperVision’s Solution compared to other Solutions?
    Benefiting from satellite technology, we can easily provide access to the data required by your company to monitor your supplier network simply and remotely. This high-accuracy and proven method dramatically reduces your need for time-consuming and challenging old ground-control efforts.
  • I’m Interested in your Solution. How can I use your solution for my company?
    We appreciate your trust in our solution. You can visit our EUDR app on the SVX platform, create an account, give us the Information of your supplier network in order to create an order simply by using our tools and after some clicks, you can leave notes for your order. We will shortly contact you to finalize your order to address your individual needs.

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