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The Essential Requirements for EUDR Due Diligence Reports: A Comprehensive Guide

The Requirements for Due Diligence Reports under the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) are designed to ensure that companies importing or exporting products derived from specific commodities into the EU market adhere to regulations aimed at preventing deforestation and forest degradation. Here's a summary of the essential requirements

Risk Management System

Companies are required to implement a risk management system. This system should identify, prevent, and mitigate the risk that the products they deal with could contribute to deforestation or forest degradation.


It's crucial for companies to trace the origin of their products. This means providing detailed information about the geographical location where the commodities were produced. Utilizing geolocation coordinates is an essential part of this requirement to ensure precise tracking.

Legality Verification

The due diligence process must include verification that the products comply with the legal requirements in the country of origin. This encompasses ensuring that the products have not contributed to deforestation or forest degradation post-December 31, 2020.

Supply Chain Oversight

Companies need to have a thorough understanding of their supply chain. This includes monitoring and evaluating their suppliers to ensure compliance with the EUDR.

Regular Reporting and Documentation

Companies are obligated to maintain and regularly update their due diligence documentation. This documentation should be readily available for inspection by the relevant authorities. It must detail the measures taken to ensure compliance with the EUDR, including the steps taken to mitigate any identified risks.

Continuous Improvement

The due diligence system should not be static. Companies are expected to regularly review and improve their processes to address any changes in risk or regulatory requirements.

By adhering to these requirements, companies can demonstrate their commitment to preventing deforestation and forest degradation, ensuring their products are sustainably sourced and comply with the EUDR.

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